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CHALLENGE 2: The Great Mouse Detective
Hello, all! I'm the new mod here, so...uh, hi XD Some of your may know me by my old icon journal's name, artistbynight, but I'm the same person ~.^ Let's just get right to the challenge, shall we?

This was one of my favorite movies when I was younger, and I think that it's seriously under-iconed. So, without further ado...


You guys know the drill. No more than 2 ICONS, use only these caps, yadda yadda yadda.


This week's special challenge is Landscapes from The Great Mouse Detective. Since it's set in London in the early 1900s (ish), it has got lots of very distinct, classic landscapes that are especially beautiful & detailed for Disney's animated movies.

Your icon can contain the characters, but it must FOCUS on the landscape.

I've provided some caps to start you off (and since I know some of you are lazy ~.^), but you are by no means limited to them. If you need help finding caps, withpaperwings_ has posted some here.

And of course, this one has got a 1 ICON LIMIT.

01. Submit icons & URL as a comment to this post.
02. LJ dimensions: 100x100, 40k, etc.
03. You may make TWO icons from the screencaps & ONE icon for the Special!
04. You MAY blend the different pics, but you may not use the same picture in both icons.Customize however else you want. No animation however, this is a stillness community.
05. Entries due by Sunday, November 20th around noon(PST)!

Can't wait to see the entries! Good luck ^^

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