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CHALLENGE 1: Cinderella

Ok, here is our first non-LIMS challenge. We are starting from Challenge 1 again, so consider this a fresh start. Same basic rules as before apply.

Instead of two separate posts for Regular & Special, they will be in one combined post..THIS post! Below the cut are FIVE (5) screencaps, same as before, from the movie Cinderella. You may make up to TWO icons from those caps. The Special Challenge will be listed below as well & you may make only ONE icon for the Special Challenge. You are to submit them in the same place (this post).


SPECIAL: "so this is love": a quote challenge. You may use ANY screencap from ANY Disney animated movie, but your icon must contain the phrase 'so this is love'. You must use the entire phrase & it must be legible.

01. Submit icons & URL as a comment to this post.
02. LJ dimensions: 100x100, 40k, etc.
03. You may make TWO icons from the screencaps & ONE icon for the Special!
04. You MAY blend the different pics, but you may not use the same picture in both icons.Customize however else you want. No animation however, this is a stillness community.
05. Entries due by Sunday, November 6th around noon(PST)!

Hope to see a lot of participation! :)


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(Deleted comment)
miss_sarac From: miss_sarac Date: November 7th, 2005 08:57 pm (UTC) (Link)
Your first link & icon isnt working, so unfortunately, I could not enter it in the challenge. Your other two were still put up though.
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